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Pellet Fuel

This mobile biomass pellet plant is designed for pellet production of sawdust, twigs, stalks and straws, etc. It is consisted of the following equipments: hammer mill, cyclone separator, material mixing and storage bin, screw feeder, ZLSP-300B R model pellet machine, water tank, vibrating screen, bucket conveyor, foundation frame and electric cabinet. It adopts high alloy steel to ensure long service life. The dust collecting system reduces waste to the minimum. The considerate humanized design makes it safe to operate. The use of Schneider Electric Brand Electric Components guarantees its excellent performance and stable operation. It is an ideal choice for your biomass pellet production.

GEMCO NEW Wood PELLET Line: ZLSP R-Type 550B Pellet Mill - 500-800kg/h for making wood pellets.

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Flat Die Pellet Mill
The ZLSP D-Type series of flat die pellet mill are made by a set of press roller , flat die, feeder and gear bearings equipped with electrical motor, diesel generator, gasoline engine or tractor. The pellets are pressed from materials by great pressure between flat die and press rollers. Different from the ring die pellet mills, flat die pellet mill can make oil cake and other mixed biomass materials into pellets at one time.In order to make pellets with flat die pellet mill, the biomass materials should be wood waste dust, sawdust, corn stalk, peanut shells, etc. While the wood waste can be all kinds of raw materials, such as spruce tree waste, pine tree waste and other sawdust waste, tree branches and shavers or parings from wood working factory and furniture manufacturers.
Rotating roller pellet mill
Rotating roller pellet mill consists of rotating rollers and a stationary die, which can make the service life of die longer—2,000 hours—than the formerly mentioned design. Besides, it is capable of producing longer wood pellets, including those over 3 cm in length. The rotating roller pellet mill is specialized in the production of both home and industrial biomass fuel. It is able to make pellets out of diverse materials such as sawdust, straw, chaff, bamboo shavings, peanut shells, bagasse and alfalfa. The gearbox adopts full steel and high quality reducer and the noise is lower during operation.
The crusher is a kind of high-end wood crusher equipment. This grinder can solve a variety of materials ranging from wood to agricultural wastes. Compared with traditional crusher-making technology, this crusher is an innovation at home and abroad. The main components are sieving part, chips re-crushing part, and knife chapping part. It combines chipper and crusher, and that is to say, sawdust can be produced directly without wood chipper and wood crusher. The feed inlet of this crusher grinder adopts self-section design to ensure the security of operators.
Ring Die Pellet Mill
Ring die pellet mill is widely used to make wood pellets in a large scale for light industrial with commercial purposes. Yet ring die pellet mill is not as widespread as flat die pellet mill due to the increased complexity of machines and higher cost. As the die's name suggests, the ring die has a wide cylindrical shape and it is mounted vertically. A surge bin is used to feed biomass materials through a variable speed conditioner before being distributed via the pelleting machine door. A screw auger is useful at this last step of centering the materials in the pellets machine chamber.
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