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Pellet Plant: biomass pellet plant

This mobile  biomass pellet plant is specially designed for biomass pellet production. The main equipments include hammer mill, cyclone separator, material mixing & storage bin, screw feeder, ZLSP-300B R model pellet machine, water tank, vibrating screen, bucket conveyor, foundation frame and electric cabinet.

It has been exported to Chile, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Namibia, Portugal, Rumania (Romania), Spain and Ukraine.

This mobile biomass pellet plant can process sawdust, twigs, stalks and straws into bio-fuel pellets. It performs extremely well to be used as wood pellet plant. It is also capable to make animal feed pellet from rice husks, peanut shells, forage and so on.

The photos below shows different sides of this mobile biomass pellet plant.

biomass pellet plant
Left Side
backside of pellet plant
Back Side
front side of biomass pellet plant
Front Side

Some specifications of this mobile biomass pellet plant

Model MPL300
Diameter of pellets 6~12mm
Pellet density 1.1-1.3t/m3
Moisture content ≤8%
Overall size (L*W*H) 3500*1960*3500mm


This photo shows the parts and sizes of this biomass pelletizing plant

outline of biomass pelletizing plant

How this mobile biomass pellet plant works

process of biomass pellet plant

Video of small biomass pellet plant

Features of this biomass pellet pelletizing plant

This biomass pelletizing plant has a significant feature in lowering the maximum height of the complete plant, which makes encasement and shipment much easier.

1. Crushing system:hammer mill

*It adopts high-carbon alloy steel blades and a high-speed crushing system. It is characterized by stable performance, durability and efficiency.
*It is easy and safe to operate. Two safety locks on both sides of the shell. The position switch is installed on the right side of the shell beside the safety lock.
*Considerate design: Fence is adopted to prevent the over-sized material feeding into the crushing chamber.
*Four strong magnetic separating blocks are installed at the sliding plate of the feeding hopper.

2. Pneumatic conveying unit

This unit includes one 2.2kw air blower, wind pipeline and cyclone separator. It will transport the crushed material into bin for mixing and storage. It's connected with vibrating screen and bucket conveyor with semitransparent soft pipes to cool the pellets, and collect the powder and dust.

3. Material mixing, storage bin

storage binIt's with 1m3 volume, its shell is made of 2.5 mm steel plate. There are two portholes on both sides for monitoring and observation. The highest material level for this bin is at 800mm from the bottom.

4. Screw Conveyor:

It's 112mm in diameter, 1023 mm long. It is to feed the mixed material into the pellet mill, and is driven by frequency conversion speed controlled motor, 0.18 KW, frequency conversion range is 30~60 Hz.
By using frequency converter, its feed-in capacity can be also adjusted consistently and stably, which assures the machine sufficient material supply and avoids surplus feedstock, so the pellet machine can work under perfect condition.

5. Pelletizing Section

pelletizing section
Model ZLSP300R ZLSP400R
Wood Pellet Capacity 250-350kg/h 350-450kg/h
Packing Size (mm) 1350*750*1400 1400*800*1450
Motor Power (kw) 22 30
N.W./G.W. (kg) 540/575 770/810
Diameter of pellets (mm) 6-12
Material of flat die &roller Alloy steel
Service life of flat die & roller Min. 800 hours


*The gear of gear box uses high quality alloy steel treated by hardening process (carburizing and quenching). All the gears are made by accurate and precise fabrication procedure. It has superiorities on steady transmission, low noise, big bearing capacity, low rising rate in temperature and long life.
*The main shaft is allocated with heavy load thrust bearing which can bear stronger axial force, and has longer service life.
*Use big diameter roller to produce in higher capacity, higher pelletizing rate. The pellets are uniform and with much hardened surface and higher density.
*The professional wear-resisting process is made on the roller and flat die, and both sides of flat can be used to extend the use life.
 *All of bearings use fully sealed structure to prevent entering dust; improves the work environment of bearings and extend the service life of bearings.
*The diameter of pellets from 6-12mm, which can be chosen by users freely.

6. Vibrating sieve

vibrating sieveThis system consists of one 0.75kw motor, one reduction gearbox, vibrating sieve, soft pipeline for powder & dust collecting, and supporting steel structure. It is with multifunction, capable of:

  1. Remove & Collecting the dust and powder -- Dust and powder will appear during production, they will go through the sieve and be collected and removed by soft pipeline which under the sieve. This sieve is added to further improve the cleanliness of the work environment.
  2. Cool the pellets simultaneously, to reduce the temperature and moisture content of newly produced pellets to match the requirements.

7. Scraper conveyor

electronic control systemThe size for single section is 2436*437*484 mm. The length and height of this conveyor can be extended by adding and connecting one extra section. There are five positioning joints at the end of the conveyor, you can adjust the height and angle of the conveyor easily. Two φ100mm soft pipes is connect to cool the pellets.

8. Electronic control system

Compact Control Cabinet, with dust prevention
High Quality Schneider Electric Brand Electric Components

Control Board for Frequency Conversion Speed Controlled Motors, with dust prevention.

This newly developed mobile biomass pellet plant has been utilized by several of our customers, and has got positive feedbacks of its high technology, good performance and output. With years of expertise and experience, GEMCO manufactures this mobile biomass pellet plant to meet high-end pellet production demand. If you are interested in this pellet plant or have any questions, please do consult us for details.


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